art concept
"Some of us are overwhelmed when faced with the abundance of choice. Choosing your home decor can be one of those moments, especially when it comes to choosing the right kind of art that complements you and your home. The market of art is rich and plentiful and it can be challenging selecting the right pieces, in many cases people don't have the confidence to make the choices by themselves.
We help people find that confidence. We want people to experience how to learn and make art piece choices to . We help you choose art pieces that match your personality using our Color Mood Palette. As our customer, we will personally create the art piece that best matches your personal mood and color descriptions. We make art that characterize its owner by his or her personal mood colors.
Each painting is individual and unique. Your Color Mood Art painting is a distinctive  portrayal of your home's interior.
Let the art speak about your home, impress your friends and make it a conversation piece. Remember, that the palette of human emotions is an important characteristic of your home's interior design.
Just pick your colors with our Color Mood Ring and let us create something unique and special, just for you!  We promise, it will be always in style!"

                                                                               - Artist Olga Viljanen -